Our story

About Us

Drakadeemia was founded in 2008 as the first private creative writing school in Estonia. The founder Siret Campbell (formerly Paju) graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London the same year.

In the first years Drakadeemia offered playwriting courses for beginners. A few years later we expanded to teaching film and prose writing courses, as well as courses where tutors of creative writing could learn their craft. Other courses that have been running in Drakadeemia include production dramaturgy, performance analysis, and adaptation.

Having started from courses for hobby writers we now offer courses for various skill and experience levels. We still have courses for beginners, but in our collaboration with Estonian Writers’ Union and Estonian Children’s Literature Centre we are also teaching professional writers.

The length of our courses and trainings varies. We have trainings that last for a day, and courses that run for a year (where participants meet once a week for about 4 hours).

In addition to the courses of Drakadeemia we also want to encourage a development of writers’ community. Drakadeemia is among the first organisations in Estonia who encourage people to take up writing at any stage of their lives and regardless whether their ambition is to get published or to enjoy it as a hobby. Having a place where these writing enthusiasts can come together, exchange contacts, ideas, inspiration and much more, has proved to be very valuable.

Up to today we have about 120 people who have taken part of our courses.

The board of Drakadeemia include Siret Campbell, Mihkel Seeder and Piret Jaaks. They also teach courses as well as involve other teachers and theatre practitioners in the coursework. Sille Salutee is our volunteer who helps us to organise the community events such as the summer school, performance visits, rehearsed readings, and get-togehters.